The projects shown below are a sample of my professional UX work. I have chosen to highlight a project from each of the core competencies of UX design. A PDF version is also available.

Strategy & Research

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina - Mobile App Strategy & Research

My Role:

  • Lead researcher on mobile strategy
  • Performed competitive analysis
  • Created concept maps for the team to better understand the user goals and app feature relationships
  • Created strategy and Integration recommendations for management via a final report

Project Background: Redesign of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) mobile app from the ground up.

Problem: We needed to find out the pain points with our current app, what our competitors were doing, and what our customers really needed in an app. BCBSNC also wanted to answer the question, “Would our users want to track their fitness goals with our app?”

Solution: The redesign effort began in the analysis phase. Data was analyzed from multiple sources, including direct customer feedback on the current app. A competitive analysis was performed and user expectations for an insurance app were researched. After presenting the findings to upper management, my colleagues and I were given 'the green light' to move forward with the project.

comparison chart (Competitive analysis)

concept map(Concept map)


Executive Insights - Heuristic Evaluation

My Role:

  • Performed the full heuristic evaluation
  • Discussed solution options with colleagues
  • Created final reports for stakeholders

Background: Executive Insights, a product of Truven Health Analytics, tasked the UX department to evaluate the usability of their product.

Problem: The product management team at Truven needed to know how well their product performed from a usability standpoint. They did not have the budget for a full blown usability study.

Solution: An internal evaluation was performed based on industry standard heuristics. A report was assembled and returned to the product team. Suggestions from the analysis report were implemented into the product, resulting in improving the overall product experience.


heuristics report page sample(Heuristic evaluation report)

heuristics report page sample(Heuristic evaluation report)

Design & Delivery

Truven Health Analytics - Responsive Design Framework

My Role:

  • Researched, documented, built, and delivered a fully responsive framework to management and development teams

Background: The UX department was tasked with designing standards and creating a template library for in-house developers to utilize while building websites that would respond properly to the users’ device.

Problem: Truven needed a way to address the experience problems occurring with their suite of products when being used on tablets and phones. At the time, the company's products were designed to be used on desktop computers only.

Solution: A library of custom CSS stylesheets (complete with media queries) and grid-based HTML templates based on the Bootstrap framework were created. The library I created was implemented as the responsive framework for products in production at Truven.


responsive layout (Output from the Truven responsive template system)

Usability Testing

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina - Usability Test

My Role:

  • Moderated 5 of 10 sessions
  • Tracked error & success rates
  • Analyzed the findings
  • Generated final reports for stakeholders

Project Background: Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) implemented a new tool on their website that allows customers to find a doctor based on user specified search criteria.

Problem: After implementing the tool provided by a third party vendor, BCBSNC needed a way to find out if the interface was meeting the needs of its customers.

Solution: An in-lab usability study was performed (10 individual sessions) with participants of varying demographics. The findings were analyzed and a formal report was generated. The report contained annotations (color coded based on severity level) as well as recommendations. The report was reviewed and acted upon by internal and vendor stakeholders resulting in an improved experience for customers.

usability report (Usability report)

error tracker(Error tracking)